My name is Rachel and I’m a recovering accountant.

To cope with this condition I variously turn to wine and cooking real food, sometimes together. I’m probably borderline “OPD” too (That’s Obsessive Pantry Disorder) for those not in the know.  Sufferers have no control over urges to preserve, can and jar unfeasibly large quantities of foodstuffs using old fashioned know how.

My food philosophy is to keep things local, natural, seasonal and simple; to let the place and the moment involve itself in the food and to let the annual rhythm of the food speak. I make everything from scratch – bread, pastry, patés, liqueurs and jams   – so called “Slow Food” .  I believe that everybody can make space for real fast food in their really busy lives and that cooking real food is not difficult nor does it require fancy gadgetry.

“You are what you eat” and never has this been more important in an age where our food quality has become so poor that obesity and nutrition related poor health is epidemical. Somewhere along the way eating became about nutrition, yet the nutritional content of mass produced food has nose-dived in the past half century and we forgot that we eat to commune around a common table. Eating is ritual, it is love, it is sharing it is the creation of memories.

 I’m utterly fascinated and entranced by the chemistry of food and the alchemy of cooking. You will often find me with my head deep in books on herbal remedies, nutrients and food as a medicine and healing agent. I hope you will forgive me indulging that “inner nerd” as I share these nuggets of kitchen wisdom with you.

I hail from Great Britain but have variously wandered, worked and lived in Eastern Europe,  the CIS, Turkey and the Balkans and frequently traveled, cooked, eaten and drunk my way across many other countries too.

I bake bread in an impractical wood fired oven that I hate cleaning, resuscitate my sourdough starter on a regular basis and never tire of the marvel that is the smell of freshly baked bread. I strike up long conversations with stallholders in markets and make sympathy purchases which I then work into recipes.   I hate throwing away food and have the greatest satisfaction from creating dishes from leftovers.

I do cookery workshops, private chef gigs & parties –happenings that involve real food, wine and fun for people who like to eat and drink. I hope you enjoy the blog – please do drop me a line here on the contact page


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Rachel Sargent BEng ACA WSET®  II


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