Lazy leftovers cake…a cake for all times

A gloriously laissez faire affaire full of bonhomie and warmth. It has its roots in the frugality of Nana’s war time fruit cake when eggs, butter and sugar were scarce. This was simply what you did for the generation that believed throwing away food was “the work of the devil”. Fast forward to these food sensitive times and we have a right on “recycled vegan low GI GF  gateau” oh trendy dears. Whatever its is a cake for all times in every sense – judging by the number of second helpings this Easter and enthusiasm from the marauding feline contingent too.



Walnut & Olive Oil Pastry

An easy peasy  pastry that lifts any dish. You dont even need a rolling pin



This pastry is ridiculously easy to make.  You do not need any special equipment at all  yet it is sophisticated all the same. All you need is a bowl, a regular kitchen knife and some scales to weigh the ingredients. 


Raspberry & Rosé Sorbet Shots

now this is summer 



Credit for this genius recipe goes to the king of ices David Lebovitz  one of my all time favourite dessert cooks and this recipe features in his ice cream bible “The Perfect Scoop”.  Here I have used a gorgeous local off dry rosé and a little fructose to keep things very tart. Refreshing doesn’t really do the word justice. Somehow the wine lifts the raspberry flavour, the alcohol makes the mixture a little more scoopable and well its just magic. Three ingredients only,  proving that some of the best things in life are indeed very very simple.