Lazy leftovers cake…a cake for all times

A gloriously laissez faire affaire full of bonhomie and warmth. It has its roots in the frugality of Nana’s war time fruit cake when eggs, butter and sugar were scarce. This was simply what you did for the generation that believed throwing away food was “the work of the devil”. Fast forward to these food sensitive times and we have a right on “recycled vegan low GI GF  gateau” oh trendy dears. Whatever its is a cake for all times in every sense – judging by the number of second helpings this Easter and enthusiasm from the marauding feline contingent too.



Slutty Salad #1 Zucchini & Fennel with Walnut Dressing

Its hot. Make this in five and get out of the kitchen on to the terrace. 




All you need for a great salad is a fabulous dressing and some super fresh veggies and leaves.  Here its zucchini cut thin and left raw (you could char grill them but the crunch of the raw ones works well with this dressing), fennel and some onions cut paper thin too.  Parsley and walnuts scattered over ensure its not too pale and uninteresting and there is plenty of chlorophyll.  All that remains is to reach for a bottle of something very done if you can restrain yourself …after using the sharp knives on the veggies. I’m just saying…some of us are more accident prone than others 🙂 although having said that I’ve broken more bones than cut myself in the kitchen …as a totally irrelevant tidbit.  Eat this with some good cheese (calcium for dem bones) and fresh bread for a complete meal in minutes. 


Chicken & Thyme Mini Tarts (GF)

Smooth little tarts which lend themselves to snacking with a glass of white wine in summer time


chicken and thyme mini tarts

This is all about the classic combination of chicken and thyme let loose in a custard base so that the flavours really can shine through.  I like to use spring onions too as their delicate flavour is just perfect here plus the splash of colour I like too.