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Sour Cherry & Orange Jam – “Visine” jam is a Romanian classic, here I make it with oranges too

Wine, Walnut & Quince Confit – A clever confit made from wine “must” and no added sugar that graces a cheeseboard wonderfully.

Cherry Stone Wine Cocktail – What do do with your “Visine” pits and also the leaves too. Romanian “Sangria”!

Skinny Black Forest Gateau with “visinata” (cherry liqueur) – “Visinata” is made for pouring into sponge cakes so they soak up all that lovely alcoholic cherry flavour

Beetroot, Walnut & Prune Brownie Cubes- Fat, sugar, gluten free – this uses ingredients that every Romanian knows to create an amazing all new Chocolate Brownie.  Its not what your “bunica” did with beetroot that’s for sure

Sea Buckthorn (“catina”) & Orange Seedless Jam – the Romanian goji berry – super high in vitamin C and a much used part of folklore medicine

Taramasalata (“Salata de Icre”) – the pink dip – no Balkan table is complete without their own version of salted fish roe dip

Roast Tomato, Walnut & Lemon Pesto – if you use Romanian semi dried tomatoes in this recipe the result is sublime.

Fragrant Stuffed Tomatoes – every summer in Romania there are always too many tomatoes!

Cream of Roast Red Pepper & Smoked Paprika Soup – a lovely way to use up the Autumn glut of red peppers

How to bottle sunshine – slow roast organic Romanian tomatoes in jars – catching a culinary sunbeam

Roast tomato sauce – more things to do with the summer tomatoes. Roasting concentrates their flavour.

Easy Cozonac with dark chocolate & dates – don’t be put off , “Cozonac” doesn’t need hours of kneading if you have a food mixer

Rabbit Terrine with Smoked Prunes – shhh! smoked prunes are now outlawed – One of the regions most interesting ingredients executed by EU officialdom. Seek out illicit supplies wherever possible!

Tomato Gazpacho – one of my absolute favourite summer things in Romania…liquid salad. Don’t wimp out and skip the onions.

Carrot & Ginger & Miso & Hemp oil Salad Dressing – Romania produces quite a lot of hemp products and the cold pressed hemp oil with the Carrots and ginger and garlic produce a salad dressing that is a positive elixir.

New York via Bucharest Baked Cheesecake – could the New York cheesecake really have its origins in Romania?

Carpathian Trout Ceviche – when your trout is fresh enough to jump out of the bag (provided by you not the vendor, lest there be a notion of customer service in them hills) just make ceviche.

Smoked Tomato Cream Pasta with bacon – when you need comfort food this is it

Beer pancakes with eggplant and urda in tomato sauce – “Vinete” any which way you can is what I say…here its primped and cosseted with its pancake blankets.

Elderflower, lemon & vanilla cordial – You say “socata” I say Elderflower Cordial. However you say it…make it!

Romanian strawberry and “smantana de bivolita” ice cream –  Just add a magnolia tree on a “terasa” for a  quintessential Bucharest Spring sweet moment.

Celeriac velouté with crispy pancetta – an aphrodisiacal soup –  Celeriac (“Telina” ) reaches the parts other root vegetables cant reach according to Romanians.

Beetroot risotto with goat’s cheese and lovage (leustean) – a rich hearty risotto where the sweet beetroot offsets the goats cheese and the pungent lovage lifts the dish up.

“Urda” Gnocchi with Parsley, Lemon and Almond pesto – the lightest of gnocchi made with “Urda” the “Romanian ricotta”, are graced by this exceptional sauce.  Move over Basil , we’ve just rediscovered Parsley.

Baked “Pastrav Afumat” (Smoked Trout) fishcakes – trout is plentiful and smoked trout too in Romania and its great in pates, fishcakes and the like.

Sticky upside down plum & Tuica cake – go easy on the”Tuica” else you not the cake will be upside down.

Blueberry “I’m a Star” Pie – the Romanian forests are full of “afine de padure”. More potent than their puffed up watery cultured cousins.