Goat Ricotta Tart with Spring Flowers

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Inspired by the Michel Roux ricotta tart which I have long wanted to make. It calls for the freshest most perfect ricotta and that from Mihai and Ioana Preotescu in the Spring is incredibly creamy and deserving of the term “unctuous”.  As a follow on from a feast of goats cheese with freshly made flat breads, nuts and cheese a risk of lactic over indulgence? surely not.  Superb ever trustworthy pairing of the Stirbey Tamaioasa Romaneasca Sec recommended by Richard Fox elevated the offerings.  


1 Blind baked pastry case 20cm made with Very Buttery Pastry 

400g ricotta – the best and freshest you have access to

edible flowers – elderflowers, honeysuckle, orange blossom

Good floral honey such as acacia or linden

MR adds pistachios and serves with wedges of lemon separately to heighten the flavour of the ricotta.  This ricotta was so full of subtle flavours and real milk flavour that I didnt want to mess with it very much. I just used honey.

How To

  • Blind bake the tart case and let cool
  • Mash the ricotta with a fork 
  • Dribble honey into the base of the tart case
  • Spoon the ricotta over the top
  • Decorate with the flowers 


Cherries, strawberries and my favourite gooseberries lightly poached with some elderflower create a heavenly cheesecake

Lazy leftovers cake…a cake for all times

A gloriously laissez faire affaire full of bonhomie and warmth. It has its roots in the frugality of Nana’s war time fruit cake when eggs, butter and sugar were scarce. This was simply what you did for the generation that believed throwing away food was “the work of the devil”. Fast forward to these food sensitive times and we have a right on “recycled vegan low GI GF  gateau” oh trendy dears. Whatever its name..it is a cake for all times in every sense – judging by the number of second helpings this Easter and enthusiasm from the marauding feline contingent too.



Wild Garlic (“leurda”) Pesto

This is a sublime pesto all vibrant, pungent and aromatic. It marries gloriously with “Urda gnocchi” and equally is delicious slathered on rye & seed crackers. Its  excellent as a pasta sauce – add chopped green beans or chunks of pre-roasted eggplant for fabulously tasty vegetarian main courses and a personal fave…use as a sauce for grilled halloumi. As the first green wild garlic shoots appear in the woods in Spring, grab them and make something to wipe away dark winter memories.




50-100g fresh wild garlic (including stalks)

50g parsley (counters the effects of the garlic and adds yet more chlorophyll)

40g walnuts or almonds

25g parmesan – cubed (optional – not a disaster if you do not add parmesan)

2 garlic cloves (excessive but good)

85ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The zest of 1 lemon 9I think the lemon is quite important to the taste – try not to omit)

Salt and pepper

Equipment: a blender, food processor or stick blender

 How To 

  • Put all the ingredients except the olive oil into your blender
  • Whiz together and with the motor still running, pour the oil in until the pesto thickens. You may need to press down on the leaves to make sure they are processed.
  • Store in a clean jar in the fridge covered with a layer of oil to prevent it drying out and oxidizing.