I’m a reformed accountant who realized that  “not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”.  I focus on how food, farming, rural communities and the environment intersect. I like to work on sustainable businesses that make a positive impact.

When cooking I keep things local, natural, seasonal and simple and try and let the place and the moment involve itself in the food. I believe that everybody can make space for real food in their really busy lives and that cooking is not difficult nor does it require fancy stuff.

“You are what you eat” and never has this been more important in an age where our food quality has become so poor that obesity and nutrition related poor health is epidemical. Somewhere along the way eating became about nutrition, yet the nutritional content of industrially farmed food has nose-dived in the past half century.

Along the way we forgot that we eat to commune with friends and loved ones around a common table. We forgot that cooking is honest labour and eating is its reward. We forgot that we eat to celebrate, we eat to share, we eat to love.

I hail from Great Britain but have variously wandered, worked and lived in Eastern Europe,  the CIS, Turkey and the Balkans and frequently traveled, cooked, eaten and drunk my way across many other countries too. I have a background in finance and engineering so indulge me when I get nerdy and engage me on anything you find interesting – it will be a pleasure.




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Rachel Sargent BEng  ACA WSET®  II