You say “syrniki” I say “nalangate”


Impossibly moreish little pancakes made from sweet cheese, known as “Syrniki” in Ukraine, Russia, Belarussia, Latvia, Lithuania , Slovenia and “Nalangate” in Romania and traditionally served with sour cream and jam.  Olia Hercules in Mamushka goes for maple syrup with her nostalgia fix.   I made a savoury version and gave them a little oomph with parmesan.  Try them as party nibbles or as a magnificent grounding for a poached egg smothered in hollandaise sauce although your Eggs Benedict might never be the same again. For those folks concerned about such things, these are high protein and almost zero carbohydrate.

I actually discovered these gems earlier this summer when thinking what to do with a surfeit of goat ricotta from Ioana and Mihai Preotescu  (oh the suffering) and improvised mixing leftover ricotta, eggs, a pinch of nutmeg and a smidgen of flour.  It is worth being daring with just the smallest hint of flour for fluffier pancakes result. And about that cheese….high quality full fat cheese with a high protein content will give you the best tasting pancakes with great mouth feel and texture.  Cheap, watery  low fat cheese will give you…well… lets just not shall we. 


500g good quality ricotta or sweet cheese “branza dulce”

2 eggs

75g grated parmesan (omit for the sweet ones)

1 heaped tablespoon of flour

Fresh herbs: a choice of chives or spring onions, dill, basil, mint, chervil, parsley

salt, pepper, nutmeg for savoury version, sugar if you must for sweet versions

How To

Mix ingredients together in a bowl with a fork. 

The mixture should be fairly thick.

Prepare a frying pan by lightly oiling.  I fry on a medium high heat. Drop spoonfuls into the pan, flip over when solidified on one side and golden.

Best eaten warm. 


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