Raspberry Walnut Frangipane Tart

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go nuts for this tart



There is something very very right about raspberries and walnuts  – they seem to melt into the frangipane cream here and the combination is one of those where the tart is definitely more than the sum of its parts.  While its a delight to use raspberries in season, this smart tart can  be made just as well with frozen raspberries in case you need to create something impressive in colder months.  This recipe involves proper tart making ie making a crust before “Blind baking” and then filling and baking the filling.  Its not as fiddly or time consuming as you think and I for one just love the satisfaction of a properly made tart and easing it out of its case. 


for a 23cm tart

1 quantity of Walnut & Olive Oil Pastry

1 quantity of frangipane   – made with walnuts

approximately 300-400g of whole raspberries

optional: 150g No Cook Raspberry Jam if you want to put a layer at the bottom, between the pastry and the frangipane filling. 

How To

This recipe is a perfect example of building up something fairly fancy with little building blocks: pastry+frangipane cream+fruit = a perfect tart.  You just need to master baking a tart crust blind which i have explained here in 

Walnut Tart Crust

So now you have a perfectly baked tart crust ready for its filling.  Spread the frangipane cream gently so the crust is full – there should be a gap of 3-4mm until the top of the crust rim. Thats important! why? because as you push fruit in to the cream the whole thing rises up. 




Now carefully place your fruit in to the filling. You want some space between the fruit otherwise you will create a baked fruit puddle sitting on top of the filling, but not such big spaces that you look mean. 




Finally press the fruit down gently. You want the fruit inside the filling not sitting on top. 

bake at 170C now for 20-30 minutes until the filling is done and the fruit is cooked 




serve with extra raspberries and a little yoghurt or sour cream. The pastry will be crisp and the filling soft – a perfect combination and a very posh tart indeed.  Just add a little afternoon cup of tea!




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