Walnut & Olive Oil Pastry

An easy peasy  pastry that lifts any dish. You dont even need a rolling pin



This pastry is ridiculously easy to make.  You do not need any special equipment at all  yet it is sophisticated all the same. All you need is a bowl, a regular kitchen knife and some scales to weigh the ingredients. 


This will line a deep (4cm) 20cm quiche ring so if you have a regular slightly less deep flan tin you will have a little left over – freeze it.

175g Wholemeal flour (adds flavour)

75g blitzed walnuts

100ml white wine (water is fine if you cant turn water into wine)

80ml fruity extra virgin olive oil (it does imbue some taste so I think its worth it)

a pinch of salt if you must

1 egg

1 egg beaten with a fork and a pastry brush

How To

Measure the oil and water/wine. 


Put all the ingredients in a bowl together and mix with a knife until a solid soft ball is formed.  Yes thats right that is all there is to it!  Unless you want your pastry to have the texture of shoe leather don’t over mix it.




that is it – you now have perfect pastry for whatever recipe you are making.  No need to chill it at all.  It freezes perfectly as well.




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