Nothing says apero like a small square of this tangy tart from the South of France


Shhhh! dont tell anybody but if you have a jar or two of Onion & Beer Confit handy and some very buttery pastry then this is a five minute assembly job.  With a bit of planning this is how “Slow Food” can be “Fast Food” 😉 and how you can be a kitchen star with ease!  Traditionally this is made with bread and indeed made with a pizza dough it is also sublime but must be eaten on the spot…generally not a problem. 

Gadgets & Gizmos

A baking tray is really the only real necessity here and a rolling pin to roll the pastry out.  


This serves four people generously as a main course with salad, or makes approximately 20 little squares to serve as canapes

1 quantity of Very Buttery Pastry  (You can buy ready made puff pastry or “foetaj”)

2 x 250ml jars of onion & beer confit – this recipe is all about those melted onions

2 tins of salted anchovies

Ready stoned black olives – a small jar

How To

Roll out the pastry or if using bought pastry just place it on the tray.  Spread the onion confit on the pastry base.



Now scatter the olives over.  Traditionally the anchovies are criss crossed and one olive is placed in each square but I quite like the “scattered approach” (as a general statement). 



Now criss cross with the anchovy fillets



Now bake for 15 minutes at 180C and I guarantee that the smell of this will drive you insane and it will be hard to resist eating it piping hot from the oven. I actually like this so much I can eat it at any time of year. 

Best served slightly warm with a glass of something very very cold


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