Marketing – fruits of summer

I have been going to the food markets of Bucharest as long as I have known the city and Matache is one of my favourites – I dont know why but it always seems a little bit more friendly than others.  

7 aug matache market

Bit by bit the authorities have chopped parts of it down and demolished other bits but it refuses to give up. The “Hala Mare” (Large Hall) is what remains and it is pretty large – here you can buy authentic veggies and produce from just as authentic sellers – which is half the fun. I love picking up local bottled horseradish (always super strong), beetroot, hot peppers and the amazing dried herbs and teas.  But most of all I like chatting to the stallholders about their produce that looks all uneven and a bit muddy but taste divine – just like real food should. 

21 aug market

How can you not make Gazpacho or a tomato salad after passing these stalls? 

21 aug market1

I especially love the jars of “stuff” and dried herbs and packets of herbs and herbal teas.  I can never resist them. 

Pta Matache, Strada Camaliei, Bucharest

Near Gara de Nord


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