Onion & Beer Confit

….because sometimes blonds do have more fun


Look at these white onions frolicking around with a happy hoppy blond beer, fronds of fresh thyme, a big dollop of butter and a dribble of honey.  For this is the basis of white onion and beer confit the paler perhaps more interesting cousin of red onion marmalade and definitely the fun one.   It is absolutely “the” relish to eat with a large slab of mountain cheese such as Gruyere, Emmental or the Carpathian “Trascau”, it makes quiches taste way better and it provides a magical base for an instant “pissaladière” …that gorgeous creation from the South of France that is sweet onions, anchovies and black olives on a bread or puff pastry base.  As if by magic here is one I made earlier…




You Are What You Eat

Onions really need no reintroduction as a superfood responsible for all kinds of miracles from reducing heart attacks due to their blood thinning properties (they contain a powerful flavenoid quercetin)  to diminishing cancer risk and apparently the benefit is felt whether the onions are cooked or raw. 

Gadgets & Gizmos

A chopping board and sharp knife. A large heavy bottomed sauce pan. A Le Creuset for example is great for this type of slow simmered dish where you want an even slow temperature.


How To

Peel and slice the onions fairly finely.  They do not have to be super fine but try and keep them of a uniform thickness so they cook evenly. 


Melt the butter in the pan and add all the onions.  Shake them around a bit so that they are all coated with butter. Keep the heat on very low. Put the lid on and allow them to sweat until they are translucent. 



they should have produced quite a lot of liquid.  Now add the honey and beer and turn the heat up to a medium setting.  I assure you that the smell will be really hard to resist..there is just something about the combination of beer and onions.  The only thing better than beer and onions is sausages, beer and onions. 



Jar as you would jam, in hot sterilised jars. To be really sure then waterbath them.  Alternatively, keep in the fridge.  See the Jam Rules

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      Rachel Sargent
      September 10, 2016

      Hi Roxana – sorry i didnt see your comment until now. let me update the recipe. You need 1 large spoon of butter or some oil, enough to sweat the onions/ cover them in a layer. Its approximately 50g.

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