Slutty Salad #3 Smoked Salmon, Spinach & Avocado Dressing

Pink & green and all the colours that lie between


This is a nifty little take on the classic salmon, avocado and spinach game.  Here we use the dreamy creamy Avocado Dressing to liven things up and create a salad plate in minutes proving that “have dressing will salad”.  Really this is the ultimate “slutty salad” requiring only baby spinach leaves, sweet little cherry tomatoes, a packet of smoked salmon and a dusting of pumpkin seeds. I just love salmon and avocado in any combination and here with the coriander and lime juice in the dressing it lifts it up with that lime cutting through the salmon. Just add a glass of rose for the perfect mid week dinner.

Gadgets & Gizmos

Really nothing as this recipe involves arranging spinach and baby tomatoes on a plate and artistically scattering pumpkin seeds over the finished composition. 


for 4

1 packet of baby spinach

1 tub of the smallest sweetest cherry tomatoes you can find.  

1 quantity of Green Dream Avo Dressing made with 1 whole avocado.  Dont be stingy – eat it all up at one sitting

1 packet of smoked salmon

How To

First paint the plates generously with the dressing.  It needs to be fairly gloopy and generous here. 


Then pile on some spinach. If you want to first dress the spinach in some light olive oil thats great – i normally would but this is a “slutty salad” and we need to make it in less than five minutes plus the dressing is so creamy that even oil nuts like me dont really miss it. 

Pile up the spinach


Now add the tomatoes, salmon and pumpkin seeds..





Thats all there is to it ! 

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