Taramasalata (“Salata de Icre”) – the pink dip

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This dip oozes nostalgia for me….illicit trips to Harrods Food Halls absconding from school trips to the Kensington museums….food poisoning in Istanbul after a mezze fest….the real deal in the Greek Islands…. fluorescent pink versions (read cheap) at university seemingly all the time and then cheap plastic pots of “Salata de icre” in the ’90s in Romania.  Here the stale bread holds it all together (which you might not be doing if you have a few too many of these drinks with it) skordalia style.

Its the perfect dip for hot summer evenings and drinks like Aperol, C ampari, ouzo or a home made wine cooler that have that thirst quenching “bite”.  Making it is really only a matter of blending carefully and the colour depends on the type of fish roe (eggs) that you use. Cod roe I have used in this version and of course in Romania, for “salata de icre”  carp roe is used.  You can also use salmon roe too which makes it pinker.

Gadgets & Gizmos

It can be done with a whisk or a pestle and mortar but a small blender does the job faster unless you want a fix of martyrdom.

Ingredients – makes 1 large bowl or 6 ramekins

IMG_3928 IMG_3926IMG_3925

90 good white bread soaked in water and squeezed out (paine alb vechi in apa)
100g fish roe (icre)
125ml  olive oil (ulei de masline)  – I usually do not like the overpowering taste of extra virgin olive oil in mayo – here I like its flavour
125ml sunflower oil ( ulei de florea soarelui)
1 small white onion/ or red onion grated (o ceapa mica ras)
1 lemon – juiced(1 suc de lamaie), salt and pepper

How To

Grate the onion and then place the roe, squeezed out bread, lemon juice in the blender.

IMG_3929If you have a food processor you can drizzle in your oils, otherwise I just add a little at a time and blend until all is combined and creamy and fluffy.  As the oil emulsifies with the other ingredients the colour becomes paler and “whiter” which i always find delightful. IMG_3933

Make sure you have some toast or crackers around to test it properly 😉


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