Brussel Sprout, Spinach & Tofu Saute with Ginger & Oyster Sauce

Grown up greens for when you are in the mood to cleanse and detoxify. Brussel Sprouts are the poor cousin of the oh so trendy kale at the moment but are just as packed with good things. This recipe is very fast so good for a mid week “I am too tired to cook” moment.

Brussel Spinach Tofu

This is not so much an exact recipe rather a list of things that work pretty well together. Its great for using up leftovers. An odd carrot lurking in the fridge – shave it into strips and add. Slightly dried up mushrooms? (no really that never happens) peel them and add them too. I have made this with mini salami chopped up (vegetarians look away) as well as bits of bacon and ham. Of course you do not need the bacon/ham/salami/pancetta bits but I like them although only in small quantity in this dish.

Ingredients (serves 2)

250g Brussel sprouts – take the outer leaves off and cut the large ones in half, make “x” shapes in the base of the small ones

1 packet of baby spinach or better, some 250-500g of real spinach

1 packet of simple tofu cut into large cubes

A little bacon cut into cubes (optional and avoid if making it vegetarian)

Spring Onions – approximately two or three roughly cut

Oyster sauce – 2-3 tbsp

For the tofu marinade: 2 cloves garlic pressed or cut super fine, 1 generous piece of ginger approximately 5cm long grated plus a little bit cut into very fine strips or “julienne”, fish sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil.

Gadgets & Gizmos

A wok does help.  I like to cook the brussels in the wok and fry the tofu separately in a non stick pan making sure its crispy on the outside and then just add it at the end so it doesn’t disintegrate.

How To

Mix the marinade ingredients together and make enough so that your tofu can really absorb it. Pour over the tofu.

Place the Brussel Sprouts in the wok with just enough water to almost cover them and cook on high until the water has completely evaporated.  No need to par-boil and dirty two pans!

Add the bacon, a little tiny splash of oil and the spring onions and stir fry for a couple of minutes.

Put the tofu to fry in a separate pan on medium high. The marinade will evaporate and create a great tasting crust on the tofu.

Back to the main pan….. dump all your spinach leaves (direct from the packet but washed if proper spinach) on top of the sprouts and close the lid and switch to a low heat. (If your wok doesn’t have a lid use a large plate or tray but the recipe wont fail if you just push the spinach around a bit). The spinach will wilt and then its done. Now pour in 2-3 tablespoons of oyster sauce and stir through.

Gently mix the tofu cubes through, sprinkle the strips of ginger on the top and serve with some boiled rice.

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