A Pocket Sized Plafar

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It doesn’t get much more small and independent than this….



For a reminder that life does not revolve around a handful of global brands pop into a Romanian ‘plafar” or a small traditional shop selling natural foods and herbal remedies.  Here I bought honey and have been eating the crystallized “rapita cu papadie” straight from the jar – delish! and even more so with some mature goats cheese (guilty pleasure).

IMG_20140925_180209 You will be assaulted by a cornucopia of unguents, creams, pills, cosmetics, “sirops”, oils, teas, ingredients and in this tiny emporium on Strada Uruguay, their own home produced honey.  These shops are testament to the long tradition of folk medicine in Romania and I for one cannot pass one by without a compulsive stop and inevitable purchase of whatever looks interesting.


My honey! Coveting this jar.



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