Baked Chick Pea Chips

to feel chipper


Healthy chips? yeah right! and I understand the scepticism but hear me out. I love all things chick pea and can remember aged seven scoffing half a bowl ( a serving bowl) of chick pea, tuna and red onion salad before a party my mum was giving  and being sent to my room …still it was worth it…. I remember the lush fresh tuna and chick pea stew my Spanish friend Ana’s mum would make and I would steal chick peas out of that…later at university I discovered hummus…and then in Turkey hot hummus with crispy pastirma as a divine starter… its been a lifelong affair with the chick pea. And so when I saw an episode of “Two Greedy Italians” where they tasted chick pea chips in Genoa I knew that Gennaro and Antonio would not let me down – they would not gorge enthusiastically on unsatisfying fare.

And that’s why these work. They just don’t feel or taste like something healthy they feel indulgent and naughty. They have the satisfying crunch and melting interior of the best of french fries yet combined with a slightly nutty legume taste.  They are so artful that some folks I tried them out on actually did not realise they were not eating big fat chunky potato chips!  Finally…and just in case you are not convinced…there is some research that claims that chick peas contain a compound that makes us feel full…thus helping anybody trying to lose a little weight. Dipped in a harissa aioli or as here a harissa and yoghurt dip…a cold glass of rosé to hand and a summer terrace…one does not need much more.

Gadgets & Gizmos

A saucepan and two baking trays oiled. Or a Brownie tray and a baking tray.


225ml water or milk (I use water because I am usually dipping them in something rich or I want them as a backdrop to the main event)

1 tablespoon olive oil

10 grammes butter

170g Chick pea flour (garbanzo or gram flour so readily available from Indian stores)

1 tsp salt


How To

  • Bring the water, oil, butter and salt to the boil
  • Add the chick pea flour whisking until thick (like thick custard)
  • Pour the mixture into the tray and let it coolIMG_5147
  • When it is completely cool it will be solid. Cut into batons as you prefer.
  • IMG_5160Lay the batons on another baking tray and bake at 180C until golden brown (approx 15-25 mins depending on your oven) I use baking paper.

And thats it! no smelly frying…you can keep them a couple of days in the fridge until you need them. They will give you that “chip fix” when you need.  You can of course fry them – they are wonderful and a bit quicker but I reckon the baking method is dead easy and of course you get to feel virtuous too.





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