Fresh Goats Milk Products

IMG_4274I have a thing about goats…or to be more precise and to avoid any misinterpretation….of goat’s milk products. Always have had even as a small kid (no pun really truly intended) I liked goat cheese, yoghurt and milk.  Perhaps it was because I couldn’t digest milk as a baby (I just puked apparently and didn’t grow much in the days before “lactose intolerance” existed) and that’s maybe why I love drinking soya milk…anyhow I still really love goat’s milk products.

Goat milk is closer to human milk than cow milk so is a great help to new mums who cant nurse. Its also great for people who have allergies and conditions like asthma and apparently is better for creating calcium and strengthening bones than cow’s milk.

This little family farm and business produces milk and cheese products seasonally (which is how you know they are force feeding the animals hormones to produce milk every day of the year) down in Giurgiu.  They have a reasonable website and they deliver. The milk is good, the yoghurt great and the Urda so clean tasting it actually lacked that goaty taste I like but others may find a little strong.

Check out the website: 



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