Home made Yoghurt


While out in countryside this week I sampled real home made non pasteurised yoghurt.  It transported me back to my miserable childhood and my mum’s home made slightly lumpy yoghurt made in a thermos flask, wrapped in a blanket and put in the airing cupboard overnight when all my friend’s mums bought them “ski” brand yoghurt that came in nifty flavours and smart little pots that you didn’t have to add home made jam to. The shame of it all. 

I came home with a small pot of the real stuff


I dragged out of a cupboard and dusted down my very seventies-ish yoghurt maker. Instructions lost years ago so I kind of guessed how it worked.


I boiled a litre of full fat milk (alas no proper unpasteurised stuff but that will happen soon) and let it cool until I could hold my finger in it 10 seconds.


I whisked in 60g of the good culture and filled my pots. left them overnight with the thing switched on.  And “voila”…the alchemy of food….thick fresh tasting yoghurt for breakfast.  I was tempted to tart it up and make a “granola parfait” and that was good.

But best of all is adding a spoonful of home made jam and stirring it in to make patterns. Just don’t tell my mum that.

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