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Bucureşti-20140314-00119Having been fortunate enough to have lived (and eaten) in Istanbul for a few years this little corner of Byzantium is where I go for my fix – the only problem is that there are so many fixes to be had.  I stock up on my favourite goat cheese (“tulum peynir”), “yufka” sheets to make pies and pastries and even “borek”, hot chilli paste,  “nar eksisi” (pomegranate molasses),the addictive “uzum pekmez”  (grape molasses) or even mulberry (“dut”) pekmez which I use in my multiseed bread or just dribble over yoghurt and the pistachio halva (“fistik halva”) which I just eat straight out of the package. The sumac and dried mint (“nane”) are excellent too and I often leave with bags of bulgur and lentils as well.  


Now to the meat…

This is where I buy my lamb and sometimes veal too.  Its the only place I buy liver and then I fry it in a few spices very fast and it reminds me of all the times I ate “”yaprak ciger” at Asmali Cavit in Beyoglu…. This visit I had them cut “pirzola” (lamb cutlets) for me to crust with dukkah and I also bought some veal cutlets. They also make their own lamb sausages which are hanging in the window alongside the dried aubergines and those are worth buying too.



Bilent Dagyudan

Strada Ritmului 2, Pantelimon, Bucuresti

tel 021 250 3262


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