Not so classic Gluten Free Crumble Mix

Now the method and what you can do with the crumble mix is exactly the same as for a classic all wheat flour version but …its all in the mix so here are my thoughts on how to adapt to your taste and what you find easy to buy/ easily available.

Your GF Crumble Mix

200g of flour substitutes:

What do I commonly use?

– oat flour (“faina de ovaz”) because I can find it relatively easily and its kind of coarse and exactly what you want

– oats (“fulgi de ovaz”) – I like a few for texture in the crumble but dont use 200g because they are not fine enough

– some pulverised nuts – almonds are great but expensive …walnuts are good too but will give flavour. If you like the flavour good. If they go with the fruit you are putting over as a traditional crumble also good eg walnuts in the mix and plums with cinnamon and red wine – fabulous.

– rice flour –  “faina de orez”) – great

– soya  – (“faina de soia”) – I like a lot

– cornmeal flour malai – (“faina de malai”) – now this is the flour NOT the polenta ie “malai”

– corn flour or corn starch (“Amidon”) – a little works but not too much as its so superfine it can make the mix a bit “gluey”

– polenta – “(malai”) – adds a beautiful crunch and golden colour

– potato flour – I like it but cant find it easily

– chestnut flour – expensive but good

– garam flour – (faina de naut”) – a bit too savoury for crumble but a small amount is ok

Did I forget any? oh yes… buckwheat…faina de hrisca…kind of nutty (in flavour)

So how to make a crumble mix? The latest one I made that was GF went like this:

100g faina de ovaz – oat flour

50g faina de soia – soya flour

25g malai – polenta

25 g fulgi de ovaz – oats

and then proceed as for a regular crumble:

100g butter 82% cold and cubed (I once made with Transylvanian “untura” but that is a different story)

100g sugar or 75g sugar substitute like fructose

How To

Crumble is child’s play – literally – small fingers learning to rub cold butter, flour (your own GF mix)  and sugar together until an edible sand is created is one of the first lessons of cooking…well at least where I am from.

If you want to be a traditionalist or like getting your hands dirty or just don’t own a load of gizmos then gently rub the ingredients together (I sometimes use a knife to start the process and to keep things cool) until you have sandy crumbs. If you own a food mixer then do this with the “K “ beater attachment (this is how I usually make it) or (a new discovery) blend in a food processor on pulse setting taking care not to over blend and create a cookie dough. The crumble mix freezes brilliantly and its worth making extra to always have something to throw over fruit and create an instant dessert with.

Its also a fabulous cheesecake base.  For a 23c, springform tin take 150-175g of mix and add one egg yolk.  This sticks it together. Press into the base of your tin and bake for 8-10 minutes until just cooked. Leave to cool and it will crisp up ready to receive the cheesecake mix – either a baked/egg mixture or no bake one.

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