Gin & Tonic Sorbet – no ice cream machine

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Now we all know that sometimes (or always as this helpful diagram would have us believe) we need a gin and tonic but how about in sorbet form? I set about to have a go and am very very happy with the results.  It makes a slightly naughty dessert or mid afternoon ice when temperatures soar or a nice bitter mouth puckering palate cleanser in between courses. Its child’s play to make but probably better left to adults.



1 quantity of Italian Meringue (made with 4 egg whites)

the juice and very finely grated zest of 2 lemons or two lemons through a juicing machine skin and all (this is how I do it as its fast and you get a really nice bitter flavour which I want here)

200ml gin

2 tablespoons Cinzano

How To

Softly mix the Italian meringue with all the other ingredients and freeze.  Yes that really is it.  I wish I could pretend it was more difficult but it is not.  OK yes you do need to make the Italian meringue first and that requires some effort.

It will result in a very soft sorbet more like a frozen mousse (which is exactly what it is) due to the relatively high level of alcohol in it.  Cheers!

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