Smoked Trout & Leek Quiche with olive oil &wine pastry

Trout is readily available from the rivers of the Carpathians or yes to be honest nowadays the fish farms that dot the valleys.  Anyhow its a local fish that has not flown half way round the world to be here and I like using it.   It works well with the mild flavour of leeks and the result is a sweet very savoury tart.IMG_3394

Ingredients – for quite a deep 20cm quiche

1 olive oil and wine pastry case  [link to recipe]

2 fat fillets of  smoked trout or 1 fairly large smoked trout

4 eggs

400ml 3.5% milk or a mix of cream and milk

fresh herbs, bits of rucola.  Nice herbs are parsley and dill.  Tarragon would be great and very Transylvanian but not with the dill as they would compete.  be generous with the greenery

half a leek extremely finely chopped (so you dont need to cook it first)

some salt and pepper

How To

Chop up all your herbs and the leeks and sprinkle into the quiche case

With your fingers roughly break up the smoked trout and place on top of the greenery


Mix the eggs, milk, salt and pepper gently with a fork and pour over the trout & herbs

Press down any “floating” bits of greenery because if they stick out they will burn. However some sort of haphazard, bits poking out look is nice IMG_3386

Cook at 160-170C gently until browned on top and the middle of the quiche no longer wobbles.  It will rise up souffle like and then as it cools down setttle down.

Serve warm with a celeriac, carrot and apple salad and I fancy a nice glass of Feteasca Regala with it…

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